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Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture Institute
A USDA Organic Certifying Agency

Re-enlivening Natural Law in Agriculture to provide the world supremely pure, nourishing food.

Vedic Agriculture represents a whole new dimension in production and processing our food.

Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture is agriculture in harmony with Natural Law. It is a system of agriculture that nourishes and supports the farmer, his crops, and the greater environment.

Vedic Agriculture recognizes the fundamental link between man and Nature, between the individual and the cosmos, and seeks to enhance that relationship.

The technologies of Maharishi Vedic Agriculture balance individual and collective life in such a manner that Nature in turn becomes balanced and supportive.

Website: www.mvoai.org

Email: MVOAI@Maharishi.net
Tel: +1-307-237-1055
Fax: +1-307-237-5547

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'May the good belong to all the people of the world. May the rulers go by the path of justice. May the best of men and their source prove to be a blessing. May all the world rejoice in happiness. May rain come in time and plentifulness be on earth. May the world be free from suffering and the noble ones free from fear.'—Maharishi

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