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Maharishi Vedic Organic Products
Maharishi Vedic City, Iowa, USA

'Pick & Ship'

Enjoy fresh Maharishi Vedic Organic produce, picked and shipped to you the same day.

The whole process of the plant sprouting from the seed and growing into leaves, flowers, and fruits, has been found to gain nourishment from soothing music and melodies; from enhanced seasonal influences of Sun, Moon, planets, and stars, and from increased qualities of harmony and pleasantness in the environment.

This is now quite well established through worldwide scientific research. To produce this effect we will have the Vedic Experts from India whose traditional melodies and Vedic Recitations are most effective.

Buy Maharishi Vedic Organic Products when you want the best.

   • Locally grown in Iowa, in the fertile, organic soils of our
green house gardens where plants thrive year round

   • Harvested when fully ripe

   • Delivered fresh

   • Delicious and nutritious

   • Taste the difference

Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture provides the world with the finest quality pure, nourishing food, full of the vitality of Nature's intelligence.

Side-by-side comparisons with conventionally-grown produce are amazing. Consumers are enjoying a higher level of quality than they've ever experienced before.

Website: www.maharishivediccity.net/agriculture

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Email: veggies@MaharishiVedicOrganic Products.org

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