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Maharishi Honey
Pure, unpolluted virgin tropical forests are home to
Maharishi Vedic Farms, where Maharishi Honey is produced.

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Enhanced by Vedic farming technologies, Maharishi Honey offers a unique combination of purity and nutritional benefits, documented by laboratory tests. Maharishi Honey contains a wide array of vitamins, essential minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants, as found in extensive research performed by leading laboratories in Germany, Switzerland, Japan, and USA.

New research indicates that Maharishi Honey has
Vitalquality: greater nourishing power

New research on Maharishi Honey, using picture-forming methods, reconfirms that Maharishi Honey is an especially high quality honey. This was the research conducted by the Society of Goetheistic Research in Bonn, Germany, which specializes in testing the vitalquality of foods.

Vital quality represents the organizing and form-developing qualities inherent in a biological substance, indicating its nourishing power. The innate growing power and organizing activity serve as a measure for assessing the life-quality in a food.

The research used crystallization methods, in which a reproducable type of crystallization picture is formed. According to the Society of Goetheistic Research (23 June 2004):

'The honey (Maharishi Honey) is to be categorized as high quality. The fine and equal needle structures, which so far I haven't seen in any other honey, could point to the treatment (Vedic) of the honey, not explained in detail.'

The fine, even needle structures indicate higher principles of orderliness in Maharishi Honey, yet another indicator of its very high quality.

Antibacterial Properties in Maharishi Honey

Maharishi Honey has been found to have powerful antibacterial properties when tested by a leading centre for food analysis in Japan.

Tests conducted by the Food Research  Laboratory, Tokyo Food Sanitation Association, Tokyo, found that Maharishi Honey has an even higher antibacterial activity than Manuka Honey (UMF 10), which is well-known throughout the world for its antibacterial activity.

Requirement for Good Health from the Ancient Vedic Literature - Vedic Science

In the ancient Vedic Science of Health (Ayur-Veda), honey is prescribed, in small quantities, for balancing the three fundamental factors that regulate all physiological processes and uphold the normal functioning of the body, maintain good health, and promote longevity.

According to Ayur-Veda, Honey (Madhu) is called 'Rasayan', because of its rejuvenating action in the physiology.

Maharishi Vedic Apiculture is based on Vedic Science - the knowledge and technology to uphold the total nourishing power of Natural Law. The application of Natural Law-based Vedic Technologies through Maharishi Vedic Apiculture, upholds Natural Law on all levels of production, adding to the nourishing power and health-promoting qualities of Maharishi Honey.

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